Simple crop (panoramic)
Simple crop (small B)


  • GPS Coordinates
  • High Definition Photography
  • 360 Degree Imagery
  • 3D Imagery
  • Measuring
  • Mapping, including altitude
  • Drawing & Sketching
  • D-Stretch Post Production
  • GIMP Post Fieldwork
  • Adobe Photoshop Pre- and Post Fieldwork
  • RTI photograhy

D Stretch

Simple crop (small B)

D Stretch is a software tool for digital enhancement of rock art. It has changed the way archaeologists and rock art enthusiasts view and discover rock art. D Stretch was written by Jon Harman and his website describes it as ''A tool for the digital enhancement of pictographs''. To be honest it is a miracle tool for uncovering pictographs that are otherwise invisible to the human eye when viewed out in the field.

You can see a considerable difference (left) in what is easily visible out in the field and what D Stretch can uncover thru sophisticated colour manipulation algorithms.

360 Degree Imagery


Using multiple high resolution images stitched together with advanced software, 360 degree imagery allows the viewer to see the pictographs within their natural environment.

There is the ability to zoom, add hotspots and also navigate to other panels.